Weekend Brunch menu Feb 2 & 3 2019


The Full Broca

Smokey molasses beans, veggie sausages, chunky potatoes,  fried egg or avocado and roasted cherry tomatoes –  £8


Broca Brunch Bake

V’Chorizo sausages, potatoes, onions, red peppers smothered and baked in a cheesy cashew sauce served with local bread and seasonal slaw  – £8


Banana Chocolate Waffles (GF) 

served with choc chips, maple syrup and caramelised banana – £7


Smashed Avocado with chilli flakes,  herbs and lemon on toast – £5.50


Tofu Scramble with roasted tomatoes and herbs on toast – £5.50


GF and Vegan options always available

Follow and like us at @theBrocacafe we are a vegan/veggie cafe using glass milk bottles, offer pick your own, packaging  free veggies and support local makers and local staff. Thank you for choosing to eat/shop with us xxx  


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