10 YEARS! I DID IT!!!!! WE DID IT!!!

As our tenth birthday approaches and we enter our eleventh year of trading, I am amazed at the speed the time has passed. I am so very grateful that this is my job and my life. Working with over 35 gorgeous and interesting baristas through the years (Pavel has not left me yet though, perfect work husband, unlike some, Mr. Fowler, you know I mean you haha), creating gluten free and vegan cakes and food and most of all serving the most awesome people in London, our ever changing community of Brockley!

I still remain passionate about the Broca, that is is a space of non-judgement, coffee, community and discussions. I love our products and can safely shop here knowing that we only source from local and/or sustainable businesses and try to keep as much money flowing into other local business.

We are going to move the business in a slightly new direction in 2017.

We are going to become fully vegetarian with a large emphasis on vegan food. I am plant-based along with my family, and want to more fully engage on a business level.

We also be changing all our consumables to biodegradable and will be encouraging lewisham council to have food waste for business and biodegradable commercial waste bags.

We shall remain active in community events and help organise the Coulgate St market. Maybe even convince BXAG to have a summer market 🙂

We have a few other ideas rolling around but we will have to wait and see what happens.

Mostly, we are looking forward to another 10 years of fantastic Brockley and south east London fun! (and I can finally get back to work more after my monkey starts school in September haha! )

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